If you are interested in sponsoring the Pacific Regional Conference, please refer to the form below for more information and do not hesitate to contact us Richard Dang at rdang@usc.edu.


Phi Delta Chi

Alumni Association

of Southern California

  Platinum level
               Gold level

                      Ethan Huynh

               Silver level

              Bronze level

                       Hong Nguyen


                       Glen Stimmel (Zeta)

                       Richard Dang (Omicron)

                       Jose Castro (Omicron)


                       Erin Knox (Omicron)


                       Khaled Fakoor (Omicron)

                       Bryan Huynh (Gamma Theta)

                       Lev Protas (Omicron) and LevCore

                       Kalsang Dorji (Omicron)